French Taste

GOOD NEWS!  French Taste is now available on Amazon’s U.S. site (I should note they are used, but who cares). I featured this cookbook back in July. It’s still a favorite! Her new book “Dinner Chez Moi” has just launched, but it looks like it’s not yet available in the States. 

Laura has a great show on The Cooking Channel called French Food at Home. I love her simple recipes.  Getting her book “French Taste” was challenging.  Previously it was only available in Canada… I ordered it from Amazon’s Canadian site. Shall I do the same for “Dinner Chez Moi” or wait for it to come to the U.S.? Patience… patience…..

Meanwhile, I think I will cook something French for dinner tonight in her honor!

And here it is… Asparagus with Orange Sauce from her book. Delicious!

Asparagus with Orange Sauce


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