2009 Lamùri Nero D’Avola

2009 Lamùri Nero D'Avola

It’s Christmas Eve and all the elves are busy wrapping presents, cooking and setting the family table for a special feast. Running all those last-minute errands to make sure Santa didn’t forget anything? Did you remember the wine? Because it’s not a party until someone brings the wine. Santa could certainly use a glass to warm him up tonight, even though it’s almost 50 degrees in the northeast. Whatever the temperature is outside, this Italian red is sure to please the most sophisticated wine enthusiast at your table.

Sicily’s signature grape is the Nero d’Avola. According to Serious Eats, Nero d’Avola is “often compared to Syrah both in flavor and its favored growing conditions, Nero d’Avola thrives in the island warmth of Sicily.” This red was perfectly fruity and a delicious match with dinner at our favorite BYOB Italian restaurant, Villaggio in Lahaska, Pennsylvania. At around $18.00 with a 91 rating from Wine Advocate, I’d recommend picking up a bottle (or a case) on your next trip to the wine store. This would make a lovely hostess gift if you’re visiting friends and family over the holidays.


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  1. Thanks for the info. This sounds like just the type of wine I like. Your advice, as usual, is cherished! Happy hols.! OOOXXX’s… Always…. Jackie

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