St. Germain Cocktail

St. Germain Cocktail

I’ve been searching for a signature cocktail. Something snazzy I can go up to a bar and order. I have a friend who loves all the old-time cocktails. The ones I remember my parents and their friends drinking way back when. She orders a Martini up and dirty, with extra olives. She likes Campari and Old Fashioneds. I got excited reading about a Negroni in Bon Appetit recently. A traditional Italian cocktail with gin, Campari and sweet vermouth with an orange twist. I was so disappointed I didn’t like it. My usual vodka and club soda was getting boring, so although this drink doesn’t have a formal name, I’ve decided this is my signature drink.

St. Germain is a liquor made with elderflowers. Over the last few years I’ve seen it turning up on special drink menus. The restaurant Zahav in Philadelphia makes a wonderful cocktail using St. Germain. It’s also delicious with gin and I’ve seen it used with champagne, too. St. Germain is sweet, but not too sweet, and goes nicely with the lime and tonic water. I love this with lots of extra lime wedges. I squeeze the limes into my drink, drop in the mushed lime wedges and smash them with a straw. Not sexy, I know, but it tastes fantastic! If you’re looking to try something new and refreshing, give this St. Germain cocktail a try.


  • Equal parts your favorite vodka and St. Germain
  • Top it off with tonic water
  • Lots of lime wedges to garnish

Pour over lots of ice, stir and enjoy!


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