Karla’s Restaurant New Hope, PA



I’ve lived in our little town of New Hope for essentially my entire life. There aren’t many real natives living here anymore. Few of us are still around to remember the open fields that are now filled with homes, and the quirky artistic town as it was back in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s very different now. Not to say it’s better or worse, just different. One thing remains the same, New Hope and Lambertville still offer some of the best restaurants in the greater Philadelphia area.

We love Karla’s. Cozy and full of locals, Karla’s offers some of the best fare in town. With the warm weather here to stay, sitting on the open air patio at Karla’s, people watching and sipping one of their fresh fruit martini’s is a perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening. Dinners at Karla’s are always consistently delicious. Fresh and prepared while you wait, Karla’s menu includes steaks, seafood, pastas and more, all with a Mediterranean twist. I love their fresh grilled salmon and their tender braised short ribs and scallops over risotto… simply decadent. Their house salad with Thai vinaigrette is my favorite salad in town. The dressing is light and fresh with perfect Thai seasonings. How can a simple house salad taste so good? I wonder if they’d share the recipe with us? If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, Karla’s serves a killer burger and house cut french fries. The smoky pulled chicken chipotle quesadilla and the Greek salad are perfect choices for a light lunch or as a starter. There are always nightly specials offered as well.

As I casually mentioned their fresh fruit martini’s above, I should be giving you a warning. These drinks are lethal. Maybe my alcohol tolerance isn’t what it used to be, but I can only drink one of Karla’s martini’s. It’s water for the rest of the night after a single cocktail. I’ve been told that there is 8oz of alcohol in each martini. I wonder if it’s true? That’s a lot of vodka! The lemon drop martini is my favorite. It’s so fruity and delicious… very deceiving. You’ve been warned! Pick your designated driver before you get there.

Karla’s still offers a locals night, full moon dance parties and Sunday brunch. If you’re heading into New Hope for the day, add this to your list of places for lunch, dinner or at the very least, stop by for a martini on the veranda. Bucks County locals who haven’t been to Karla’s, shame on you! Now is the perfect time to go.

Karla’s – 5 West Mechanic Street – New Hope, PA 18938 – (215)862-2612



2 Comments to “Karla’s Restaurant New Hope, PA”

  1. I look forward to revisiting Karla’s – they have a killer crab cake too !

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